Entry #1

A post is a post, This is an intro

2015-06-01 03:40:15 by CraftyShinobi

So I'm not entirely sure how hard I'll develop this account in newgrounds but I'm feeling potential of course, or else this wouldn't even have been written. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is I want to post some pictures and stuff and things. Mostly picture things and stuffy things. I want to improve my artwork first and formost. I have not even began my development in college in the proper setting such as a studio. But I want that headstart!

So I'll peep my little head out of my hidy-hole from time to time and trying to weed out anyone with a strive for improvement and collaberation. Just sheer, hanging-outness.

And that's my plan! What else do you want? Nothing? Yeesh, tough crowd.


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